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Tracking Mapping

Inspired by my affinity for mapping the hidden, overlooked, and invisible I mapped vents in my Montreal neighbourhood as part of Oxygen Art Center's Bodies of Water: Sk/etching Desire Lines Workshop. Using this opportunity I both mapped and recorded the vents. Their sounds became acustical representations of the city breathing. 

"vents represent breath. breathing humans and buildings. but also pollution. vents nudge towards the layers that go unseen as we walk. the "unsightly". the things we try to hide. forget. what happens if they are focused on and become the point of desire as i walk."

Narrative Debris

With its roots in the Montreal neighbourhood of Quartier des Spectacles, this research-creation project challenges the participant to observe what is normally ignored; dusty windows, cracks in the pavement, discarded coffee cups, old caution tape; to discover alternative narratives of the area.


The project is guided by the question of what can be learnt of the social-historical context of the Quartier des Spectacles neighbourhood, and urban spaces in general, through engaging with the found debris.


Narrative Debris is a research-creation project that uses a set of embodied and participatory methods; walking, collection, and paper making; to better understand the complex layers of relationships and stories held within urban spaces. 


You are invited to visit the constantly evolving Narrative Debris website. Your interaction is welcomed and encouraged.

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