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I am a researcher, designer, facilitator, creator, artist, and performer. Currently I create participatory work that uses paper making, debris, place making, illustration and performativity to explore new ways of understanding our relationships with urban spaces. I am passionate about the intersection of technology, humans, and the ecological/built environment.

I am currently completing my Master's degree in Design at Concordia, working as a research assistant, teaching, supporting several artists with website design, and an active member of the Textile and Materiality cluster at Milieux Institute. I am currently in the thick of a research creation project, Pulpy Circuits, funded by Milieux which explores the unexpected results from combining debris filled handmade paper with electronics. 

In the past I used performativity in public spaces to interrogate our relationship with the build environment. I also attended an artist residency in Spain focused on honeybees, which inspired several performancespublications and a series of honeybee inspired illustrations. All of these works can be found on my portfolio page

When not designing websites, drawing, or leading workshops you could find me whizzing about on my bicycle, walking through the woods, and contemplating the meaning of my life.

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